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FitzGerald Safety

Keeping You in Compliance and Safe

About FitzGerald

Who we are

With 35 year’s experience in Occupational Safety and Health of the workplace dealing with federal regulations or insurance recommendations, FitzGerald Safety Services is a leader in the world of training and compliance. Coming from the manufacturing and insurance industry, FitzGerald understands what is needed in the workplace and can guide your organization through O.S.H.A. compliance or insurance inspections.

​They can identify workplace hazards that could increase costs or conduct industrial hygiene surveys to document work conditions providing you with the best options for limiting exposures. FitzGerald can be called on to work anywhere in the USA, our main goal is to keep you in compliance, letting you concentrate on your work.



35 Years’ Experience assisting with:

  • O.S.H.A. Regulations

  • Insurance Inspections

  • Life Safety Code Assessment

  • Employee Safety & Health Committees Development and Training

  • Industrial Manufacturing Safety

  • Machine Shops, Small Businesses

  • Automobile Dealerships and Body Shops Exposures

  • Construction Job Sites Review

  • Municipalities Road Crews and Utility Work

  • Schools, Private Local, and State Safety Policies

  • Office Ergonomics


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We're ready to make your workplace safer and more effecient. 

FitzGerald Safety Services, LLC

Meriden, Ct. 06451


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